Petition against CJ referred to a full judge panel

Wednesday, 06 February 2013 - 18:59


The petition filed by the Centre for Policy Alternatives challenging the appointment of Chief Justice Mohan Peiris has been referred to a full judge panel when it was taken up before the Supreme Court today.


This decision was drawn when the case in this regard was taken up before a three judge panel consisting of Supreme Court Justices Shirani Thillekewardhana, Priyasaad Depp & S.I. Imam.


The attorney representing the petitioners of the case argued that since the case should be tried in court whilst preserving the courts supremacy and dignity, parties concerned should act in accordance to clause 132 of the constitution.


Moreover it was also noted that since Chief Justice Mohan Peiris had been cited as a respondent of the case, a panel of judges with no direct affiliation should be appointed to preside over the case.


However appearing on behalf of the Attorney General, the Deputy Solicitor General had noted that it was only the Chief Justice who was vested with the power of appointing a panel of judges in this regard.