Special program from the Ministry of health to combat Japanese Encephalitis in Ratnapura

Thursday, 07 February 2013 - 12:57


A group of individuals including the director of the Colombo Veterinary health unit have travelled to Ratnapura to conduct a vaccination program to combat the outbreak of Japanese Encephalitis in the Ratnapura district.


Speaking to our news team the Director of the Ratnapura district divisional health services Dr. Athula Dangalla stated that a special discussion regarding this will also take place with the participation of the doctors of the Ratnapura district.


9 fatalities due to Japanse Encephalitis have been reported so far and

Dr. Dangalla stated that 43 patients have been diagnosed during the last two months.


He further stated that the primary carrier of the disease is swine and humans could contract the disease through mosquitoes.


Dr. Dangalla had the following to say regarding the program to inoculate children in the region that will take place today.




Speaking further Dr. Dangalla also stated that a program to inspect piggeries and a vaccination program will also be initiated today.