What was found at Arala-ganwila was not a meteorite; Peradeniya University asserts again.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013 - 8:26


Peradeniya University Geologists reassert that the rock pieces found in the Kudaawewa paddy field in Araganwila in Polonnaruwa are not meteoroids.


Peradeniya University Vice Chancellor Professor Athula Senaaratne told our news team that these rock pieces had undergone various changes due to the impact of a lightning .


These rock pieces which had fallen in the said paddy field on 29th December last year were inspected by England's Buckingham University Astro Biologist Professor Chandra Wickremasinghe .


He said that these rock pieces were meteoroids that there were signs of life in them.


The professor also said that organisms belonging to the genus Diatem were fossilised in these specimens.


In the context of this the opinion of the Peradeniya University was that these rock pieces were not meteoroids.