Body of police officer who pursued suspect found in a deserted well; suspect missing

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 - 12:49


The body of a police officer who has persued a suspect in the Habarana-Puwak-pitiya area has been discovered while lying in a deserted well in the area.


Based on a tip which police had received an operation was launched by police at around 2.30 this morning in order to apprehend the suspect who had been evading a warrant.


The suspect had fled upon gaining wind that police had arrived.


However one of the police officers in the group had perused the suspect for a considerable distance.


Since the rest of the police officers had received no information regarding the suspect or the police officer who had trailed him, a separate operation was launched to locate the missing duo.


According to the Police Media Unit the deceased police officer is an are resident of the Galen-bindunu-wewa area, who had been serving attached to the Habarana police station.