UNHRC issues 18 page HR report on Sri Lanka; technical advice on reconciliation & accountability provided

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 - 12:47


The United Nations Human Rights Commission today issued to the media the complete report which intends on providing Sri Lanka with the technical know how to deal with matters pertaining to the island's issues relating to reconciliation & accountability..


The report which consists of 18 pages also includes a summary.


The report connotes that the government of Sri Lanka has failed to implement the recommendations of the Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Commission intended on fortifying the countries rule of law and reconciliation.


However on a positive note the report also notes that the government of Sri Lanka has implemented a select few recommendations.


In it's report the UNHRC states that the government of Sri Lanka has disregarded international law on certain occasions while significant progress has been achieved in infrastructure development & resettlement.


It also notes that steps taken to investigate further allegations of serious violations of human rights have been inconclusive, and lacks the independence and impartiality required to inspire confidence.