Island wide survey on professional negligence

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 - 12:44


The Law Faculty Students Association hopes to conduct an island wide survey on the professional negligence of attorney's as well as doctors.


Convenor of the LFSA Jayantha Dehiaththage noted that the requirement for such a survey had been highlighted following the amputation of the arm of law faculty student Achala Priyadharshani.


Acahala Priyadharshani who was admitted to the Mathara hospital following a fractured arm was subjected to a surgery where part of her hand was excised.


A subsequent investigation by the Ministry of Health revealed that officials at the Mathara hospital had been guilty of several shortcomings while treating the victim.


Convener of the Law Faculty Students Association Jayantha Dehiaththage expressing his views to our news team noted that steps would be taken to conduct this survey on professional negligence during the course of the next two weeks.




When contacted to ascertain her health status Achala Priyadharshani, the victim expressed the following views to our news team.




Achala Priyadharshani who was present at the Law Faculty today expressed these views regarding the progress of her academic activities.