Importation of drugs without a local agent prohibited.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013 - 12:53


The ministry of health states that any company or firm that does not have a local representative will not be allowed to supply medicinal drugs to the country.


The ministry further stated that this decision was taken by the minister of health during a meeting held yesterday with local drug manufacturers.


The statement issued by the ministry states that this decision was taken to safeguard the local drug manufacturers.


The Ministry of health further stated that steps have been taken to implement a comprehensive plan to prevent fraudulent activities that take place during the supplying of medicinal drugs.


Meanwhile, information was revealed regarding a fraudulent act that was attempted by a retired health ministry official when trying to implement the new policy with regard to purchasing medicinal drugs from another government.


In addition, allegations were levelled against the Dengue eradication program and several other departments of the health sector recently.


Our news team inquired from the deputy minister of health ministry Lalith Dissanayaka regarding the steps that will be taken in future regarding this.


The deputy minister stated that a comprehensive program has been initiated to combat and prevent the fraudulent activities that are taking place in the health sector.