Sale of pharmaceutical drugs containing Dextromethophane proscribed

Saturday, 23 February 2013 - 19:23


The Cosmetic Devices and Drugs Regulatory Authority states that all cough syrups containing Dextromethorphan have been temporarily banned from sale in Sri Lanka as a precautionary step following an alert by the World Health Organization.

Chairman of the CDDRA Dr. Hemantha Beneragama noted that the authority had received an alert from the WHO yesterday regarding a cough syrup containing DXM that had resulted in close to 70 deaths in Pakistan upon consumption.


Investigations on a batch of cough syrups consumed in Pakistan have revealed they contained a lethal element quite similar to DXM that was supplied by an Indian pharmaceutical company.


Expressing his views to our news team Dr. Hemantha Benaragama expressed the following views to our news team.