An invitation to the Bodu Bala sena to come to Iran.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 - 7:53


The Bodu Bala Senaa says that a decision will be taken in the near future with regard to visiting Iran.

Bodu Bala Senaa leader Venerable Kirama Vimalajoti Thero said that the Iranian Ambassador in Sri Lanka Mohamed Faisaal Raseen had requested Bodu Bala Senaa representatives to visit Iran.

That was at the discussion held between the Iranian Ambassador in Sri Lanka and Bodu Bala Senaa representatives yesterday with regard to the alleged reports of the banning of Buddha statues in Iran.

Bodu Bala Senaa Chief, Venerable Kirama Wimalajothi Thero expressing his views to our news team had this to say…