Both Parties with regard to the attack by Minister Maithripala’s son to appear before courts on 4th March

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 - 7:53


The Police Media spokesman's office says that both parties connected with the attack on Battiacaloa DIG Ravi Vaidyaalankaara's son Asela Vaidyaalankaara will be produced before the Vaalaichchenai courts on March 4th.

Reports say that this attack was carried out by a gang including Minister Maitripaala Sirisena's son at the Paasikkudaa coastal belt day-before- yesterday afternoon.

After the group including the Minister's son was arrested over the attack, they had been released on bail yesterday.  


Currently DIG Ravi Vaidyaalankaara's son Asela Vaidyaalankaara is receiving treatment at a private hospital in Colombo.