Do not isolate from the International community; Sri lanka's response to US stance at the UNHRC.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 - 8:12


Exercising a ‘right of Reply’ to a statement made by Esther Brimmer, US Assistant Secretary of State for international organisations during the High Level Segment of the 22nd Human Rights Council yesterday, Priyanga Wicremasinghe, Counsellor of the Sri Lanka Permanent Mission in Geneva said, “Sri Lanka should be encouraged in its reconciliation process, rather than being singled out for any disproportionate attention in this Council”.


She said, “it is especially so, at a time when having overcome a long terrorist conflict, as well as having averted what many feared would be a ‘humanitarian catastrophe’, Sri Lanka is implementing a comprehensive process of reconciliation involving all communities based on the National Action Plan on the implementation of the recommendations of the LLRC”.


Meanwhile Channel 4 too has created a Video in coincidence with the UNHRC session.


While it is scheduled to be shown in Geneva on March first, Sri Lanka has also made an appeal that it be suspended.


The Human Rights Watch too has released a report about Sri Lanka parallel to the UNHRC conference.


Our news team inquired about this from Military spokesman Brigadier Ruwan Wanigasuriya.


The military spokesman said that he firmly refutes the charges.