Conduct fitness test on students prior to sports events - instructs President

Wednesday, 27 February 2013 - 13:39


President Mahinda Rajapakse today issued instructions to the Ministry of Education to subject students to a physical test prior to them entering into athletic events.

Speaking to our news team Presidential Media Coordinator Wijayananda Herath stated that President Rajapakse further instructed the ministry of education to obtain a report concerning the fitness test students are subjected to.

President Rajapakse had issued these instructions following the deaths of two female students who tragically died while taking part in Athletic events with the latest incident being reported yesterday from the Aranayaka - Rivisanda National School.

The body of 18 year old Hashini Anusha Kumari who died while taking part in the 5000 meter event in her school sports meet has been currently placed at her residence in the Aranayaka - Rahala region.

The autopsy on the body was carried out by the Judicial Medical Officer of the Kegalle General Hospital.

The JMO has decided to send several organs of Hashini Anusha Kumari to the Government Analyst for further tests.

Deputy Principal of the Rivisanda National School, Mohomad Sakariya had the following to say in this regard.