Pictorial Cigarette Warnings Law postponed

Thursday, 28 February 2013 - 19:19


The Attorney General's Department today informed the Supreme Court that the Gazette regarding the inclusion of pictorial warnings on cigarette packets will not be enacted till the 28th of March.


This decision was taken after the petition issued by the Ceylon Tobacco Company requesting an enjoining order regarding the gazette was taken up in Supreme Court before a 3 judge panel.


The Attorney at Law representing the CTC explained in Courts that the CTC would be unable to prepare the new packages prior to 1st March and that there is an issue with placing pictorial warnings covering 80% of a cigarette packet.


The 3 judge panel then stated that facts need to be clarified with the minister of health and the ministry officials regarding the 80% issue and it was decided that the case would be taken up for hearing again on the 28th of March.


The attorney at law representing the Attorney General stated that the relevant gazette will not be enacted till the 28th of March.