America says Island's inquiries into alleged HR violations are inadequate

Friday, 01 March 2013 - 19:05


Concerned over the alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka, the US has accused the island of not initiating credible and independent investigations into the matter so far. 

Patrick Ventrell, the US State Department spokesman has accused the Government of Sri Lanka of failing to have initiated a full, credible & independent investigation into allegations of human rights abuses.

He also noted that the U.S. is reviewing the lengthy and extensive report by Human Rights Watch on Sri Lanka.


Meanwhile the Marxist Committee of the Indian Communist party has urged the Indian centre to carryout an independent investigation into allegations of human rights abuses in Sri Lanka.


Provincial Secretary of the Indian Communist Party G. Ramakrishna expressing his views to the media had stated that India should urge the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to carry out an investigation into the human rights record of the country.


Moreover UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, speaking during the UN Human Rights Council after submitting her annual report for 2012, said that she welcomes the release of the report of the internal review panel on the United Nations actions in Sri Lanka during the last phase of the conflict.


Pillay said that the report released last year concluded that there was a systematic failure on the part of the United Nations.


She said it is a powerful reminder that the United Nations has a duty to live up to the principles and standards.


Meanwhile according to foreign media reports UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister for South Asia Alistair Burt is said to have met with Leader of the Tamil national Alliance R. Sambantha who is currently in Geneva.