Mervyn hopes to come back

Saturday, 02 March 2013 - 19:45


Former Kelaniya UPFA Organiser Minister Mervin Silva states that he hopes to be reinstated in his earlier post.


Minister Mervin Silva made this observation at his home during which a group of students & parents from the Kelaniya-Dikpitigoda Roman Catholic College had arrived in order to solve an impending issue.




Minister Mervin Silva resigned from his post as organiser of the UPFA's Kelaniya organiser subsequent to the shooting of Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha member Hasitha Madawala.


Members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha subsequently levelled charges against Minister Mervin Silva with concern to the incident following which he resigned.


However members of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha state that they would not recognise Minister Mervin Silva in his capacity as organiser of the Kelaniya electorate.


Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha member Lanka Wijitha Kumara speaking to our news team expressed the following views in this regard.




Meanwhile the Colombo High Court issued a stay order yesterday proscribing the Chief Minister of the Western Province from dissolving the pradeshiya sabha, subsequent to having considered a petition which was filed by the Chairman of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha Prasanna Ranaweera.