Karunanidhi on the alert on how India would be against Sri Lanka.

Monday, 04 March 2013 - 8:17


Indian political parties express varied views with regard to the resolutions due to be brought forward against Sri Lanka at the Geneva Human Rights Session.


DMK leader Karunanidhi said at a media briefing held yesterday that there was no need in any way for India to put forward its own solitary resolution against Sri Lanka.


DMK leader Karunanidhi has pointed out that if the USA puts forward a resolution it should be fully supported.


Karunanidhi also told the media further yesterday that the people of Tamil Nadu were watchful about the way India was acting at the Geneva Human Rights Session.


Meanwhile Indian media reports say that an agitation protesting against Sri Lanka is scheduled to be staged in front of the Sri Lankan High Commission in Chennai.


Reports say that the Tamil Nadu Tamil People Co-existence Movement has organised this agitation.


In addition reports say further that a preparation is being made to manifest protest in Tamil Nadu against Sri Lanka by hoisting black flags.