The reason for the delay in devolving power is the TNA; Country's stand stays; government speaks on US resolution

Sunday, 10 March 2013 - 13:20


Leader of the DMK Party in Tamilnadu Muththuveil Karunanidhi states that he is saddened by the delayed response of the Indian Centre with regards to the US sponsored draft resolution tabled against Sri Lanka at the UN Human Rights Council which is currently underway in Geneva.


During a debate convened at the Lok Sabha, the lower house of the Indian parliament on the 07th of March, Indian Minister of External Affairs Salman Kurshid had failed to make a concrete statement regarding the US sponsored draft against Sri Lanka.


DMK as well as BJP party members had even vacated the house during the debate.


During the recently held Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization Conference DMK party leader Karunanidhi had asserted that the Indian Centre should back the US sponsored draft resolution against Sri Lanka.


Karunanidhi has also stated that a strike would be called in next Tuesday in a bid to urge the Indian government to vote against Sri Lanka.


Meanwhile Dr. Wasantha Banadara, General Secretary of the Patriotic National Movement states that the Sri Lankan Ministry of External Affairs has adopted an indecisive policy towards the Geneva issue.




Moreover the Draft US resolution against Sri Lanka was tabled in Geneva, during the UN Human Rights Council Session recently.


The document charges that the government of Sri Lanka has failed to implement recommendations mentioned in The Lessons Learnt & Reconciliation Commission Report, alongside dormancy to implement measures for the devolution of power.


In a bid to ascertain the latest on the situation with concern to Geneva, our news team contacted Leader of the House Minister Nimal Siripala in this regard.


The Minister expressed these views with regard to the devolution of power.




Speaking further Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva commented on the role played by India during the UN Human Rights Council Session which is currently underway in Geneiva.




Meanwhile Sri Lanka’s Permanent representative in Geneva Ravinatha Ariyasinghe stated that the US resolution tabled against the country in Geneva is politically motivated while invasive.


It is also reported that an unofficial meeting subsequent to the tabling of the US sponsored resolution has been convened between member states under the aegis of the US.


Speaking here Ariyasinghe had noted that the US sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka would set a negative precedent for Sri Lanka, while it would also stalls the reconciliation process in Sri Lanka which is gaining phase gradually.


Permanent representative in Geneva Ravinatha Ariyasinghe had also noted that UN High Commissioner for Human Rights had transcended the power vested in her in prescribing recommendations for Sri Lanka.


In conclusion Ariyasinghe has stated that Sri Lanka entirely declines the US sponsored Draft against Sri Lanka while stating that the island remains open for consultations regarding reconciliation.


The UN Human Rights Council is due to vote on the US sponsored draft resolution against Sri Lanka on the 21st of March.