Protect the Sri Lankans; Sri Lanka tells India

Monday, 18 March 2013 - 8:12


Sri Lanka has requested India to be attentive about the safety of Sri Lankans touring India.

Foreign Affairs Ministry Secretary Karunaathilaka  Amunugama told our news team that the Indian Foreign Affairs Ministry had been informed about this.

A Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk reading for the postgraduate degree in archaeology of the Delhi University was attacked by LTTE sympathizers while he was engaged in a study tour of the Brahadeesvaram Temple in Thanjaavoor in Tamil Naadu last Saturday.

The van in which the study team including the venerable monk traveled also was subjected to an attack by pelting of stones at Thiruchiraa-palli.

While the Tamil Naadu police has safely handed over the monk to the Chennai High Commission , the monk has been sent to New Delhi.