Another monk assaulted in Chennai; Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Delhi meets officials

Monday, 18 March 2013 - 19:45


A group of Sri Lankan tourists including a Sri Lankan monk have been attacked by three unidentified persons at the Indian Central railway station today.


The incident occurred when the 16 tourists arrived on the Tamil Nadu Express which reached the city from New Delhi.


According to the Times of India the video telecast on Tamil Nadu media clearly show the faces of the attackers however Indian Railway Police say that it may be difficult to trace them as the men were wearing caps.


Meanwhile, another Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka, who was in Thanjavur, India for academic research, bore the brunt of the latest wave of anti-Lanka protests that has gripped the State lately.


Venerable Path-beriye Gnanaloka Thero was one among 17 researchers from New Delhi who were on an archeological study at Thanjavur Braha-dees-waram temple.


Sri Lanka high commissioner to India Prasad Kariyawasam said the resolution in the UN Human Rights Council against Sri Lanka is "uncalled for" and the international community should not get involved.

On protests against Colombo in Tamil Nadu, Kariyawasam said those who protest are uninformed and those who are agitating against Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu have not visited Sri Lanka recently.

United Progressive Alliance ally DMK on Sunday threatened to pull out of the government if it did not take steps to bring amendments to the US-sponsored resolution against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC.