Ethanol issue takes a new twist

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 - 19:14


The situation with regard to the 2 containers containing ethanol that were taken in to custody by the Excise Department recently has aggravated.


This was after the owners of the 2 containers stated that the contents were not what they ordered.


The contents of the 2 containers were inspected before the owners and officials of the Excise and Customs Officials.


Attorney at law Thivanka Ekarathna who appeared on behalf of the owners explained as to why the owners had taken 6 days to arrive for inspection.




Deputy Commissioner of the Excise Department A. Bodaragama replied to the allegations.




However, Secretary of the All Island Customs Services Union J A Gunathilaka at a recent media briefing stated that there were no provisions to open a container without the owners being present.