Hirunika arrested for assaulting a businessmen.

Thursday, 21 March 2013 - 8:13


Hirunika Premachandra has been ordered to appear before court in connection to an incident where she had threatened and assaulted a businessman.

The police media unit stated that Hirunika Premachandra was arrested and subsequently released on bail following the incident.

The owner of a business establishment situated at No. 175 near Kynsey road in Borella was threatened by 4 individuals including Hirunika Premachandra.

The owner of the establishment Dammika Siriwardena made the following statement regarding the incident.


Speaking further he stated that Hirunika Premachandra had verbally assaulted him using harsh words.


He also stated that subsequent to the incident he had made a complaint to the Borella police.

Upon inquiry by our news team Police Media Spokesperson Buddhika Siriwardena stated that Hirunika Premachandra was arrested in connection to the incident and was later released on bail.

He further stated that Hirunika Premachandra and the other individuals involved in the incident have issued instructions to appear at Court number 2 at the Hultsdorf Court Complex on the 27th of this month.