Defence Ministry requests to be constantly well - informed when touring South India

Thursday, 21 March 2013 - 8:21


The Defence Ministry requests the people to be constantly well-informed if they were touring South India.

The Defence Ministry asked that as far as possible areas including Chennai from where various incidents had been reported be avoided.

The Defence Ministry emphasized that organizers of pilgrimages to India too should be aware of this.

Several organizations including the Bodu Bala Senaa, the JHU and the Kandy Hindu Association staged a protest in front of the Kandy Clock Tower yesterday in protest against the attacks inflicted on Buddhist monks in Tamil Nadu.

Subsequently they went on foot to the Indian Deputy High Commission in Kandy and handed over petitions to the Deputy High Commission.

Venerable Wadupola Wangeesa Thero who had returned to the island yesterday after having been a victim of an attack in a train in Chennai in India too participated in the above action.