Residents of Polpithigama stage protest over the death of a suspect

Saturday, 23 March 2013 - 19:02


Area residents of Ma-aliya, Polpithigama launched a protest today urging authorities to implement the law concerning the death of W.M. Somarathna, an individual who is allegedly said to have been killed whilst under police custody.


Area resident’s charge that the suspect had been killed due to having being assaulted by police.


Two persons were arrested on the 20th of last month during a police raid which was carried out on an illicit liquor brewery in the Polpithigama-Ma-aliya, Bunt Junction area.


Subsequently although both individuals were released on bail, one of the suspects was admitted to hospital on the 21st, following complaints of chronic pains.


Shortly after, the victim had succumbed to his injuries, which according to area residents was induced by police.


When inquired by police Media Spokesperson S.P. Buddhika Siriwardhana he noted that the postmortem inspection had ruled that the victim had died due to heart failure.