Tamilnadu opposition an issue for Tamils in Sri Lanka; says Daya Master

Sunday, 24 March 2013 - 12:56


The former spokesperson for the LTTE Daya Master stated that politicians in Tamil Nadu are creating "problems" between Tamils and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.


In an interview with the Hindu, daya Master had stated that he faced absolutely no harassment at all and that the Sri Lankan authorities have treated him well.


He went on to say that Tamil Nadu politicians are now creating problems between the Tamils and the Sinhalese and said that self-immolations and attacks on Sinhala Buddhists should stop immediately.


They are crying loudly in our interest but the race to prove who did most for Sri Lankan Tamils is really motivated by political competition among themselves.


Asked if any political party in Tamil Nadu do anything for Sri Lanka, he said they did absolutely nothing but Delhi, on the other hand, is doing a lot of developmental work like building houses and laying railway lines.


The Former LTTE Spokesperson also stated that the international community is going over the top and making far too much noise and it should restrict itself to developmental work and leave our political future to us and our elected governments.