A pre conclusion about the period of Mathale mass grave.

Monday, 25 March 2013 - 7:43


Kelaniya University Postgraduate Institute Professor Raaj Somadeva who is probing the Maatale mass grave says that a pre-conclusion has been arrived at with regard to the period of the mass grave found at the Maatale hospital grounds.


The Professor said that it was possible to reach these conclusions based on gold rings recovered from the grave.


The Professor also said that attention had also been drawn on a garbage dumping site near the grave.


The Professor said that the decaying of bone fragments had been accelerated as a result of the decaying of the garbage.


The Professor said that the 54-page report the Atomic Energy Authority and he had jointly prepared had been presented on 23rd of February.




This mass grave was discovered on November 23rd last year while preparing the ground for constructing the Bio Gas Unit at the Maatale Hospital Grounds.


The excavations of the Maatale mass grave ended on February 12th.


During these excavations while 154 human bone fragments were recovered, of these 141 were human skulls.