3 person committee appointed to investigate stair well collapse at museum

Friday, 29 March 2013 - 13:20


Minister of National Heritages Dr. Jagath Balasooriya states that a 3 person committee with expertise would be appointed to investigate the stair well collapse at the Colombo National Museum.


The committee in this regard would be headed by Additional Secretary to the ministry D.G. Samarasinghe.


Moreover Minister Dr. Jagath Balasooriya noted that the museum would be closed for visitors until renovation activities are carried out.




36 individual’s including 27 students were injured yesterday when a flight of stairs collapsed at the Colombo National Museum last afternoon.


According to the Director of the Colombo National Hospital Dr. Anil Jaasinghe 18 persons continue to receive treatment at hospital, while minor surgeries have been performed on 05 individuals.