Respiratory diseases and dermatological conditions due to excessive heat

Tuesday, 02 April 2013 - 18:59


Dr. G. G. Kamal Sanjeewa of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital states that there are signs that respiratory illnesses and dermatological conditions are spreading due to the excessive heat that is prevalent in the country.


Dr. Sanjeewa further stated that children as well as adults can prevent the advent of kidney diseases that can be caused by the excessive heat by drinking adequate amounts of water.




The spate of hot weather experienced in and around Sri Lanka these days is expected to rise in the coming days as the country is expected to come directly under the sun.


The highest temperature of 35.8 degrees centigrade was recorded from Ratnapura yesterday while the temperature in Anuradhapura was 32.9 degrees and Colombo around 32 degrees.


Meteorologist in charge Meril Mendis said Sri Lanka would directly come under the sun from April 5th to 15th resulting in the heat rising further.