Salary increase not sufficient; allegations from several estate labour unions.

Friday, 05 April 2013 - 8:30


Estate Workers’ Unions charge that the Estate workers’ daily salary increase is insufficient.

At the biannual salary increase, this time the estate labourer’s per diem salary was increased by rupees 70.

That was in accordance with the agreement inked between the Ceylon Workers’ Congress, the Lanka National Estate Workers’ Union and the Estate Employers yesterday.

National Estate Workers’ Party leader MP P. Digambaram said that the Ceylon Workers’ Congress had betrayed the workers.


The Lanka Workers’ United Front chairman S. Sthaasivam too said that this salary increase could not be accepted.


However Ceylon Workers’ Congress Secretary Minister Aarumugam Thondaman refuted these charges.

The CWC secretary said that his union had to fight hard with the Estate Employers to effect  the workers’ salary increase.