Sri Lanka denied studio facilities in South India

Wednesday, 10 April 2013 - 19:11


Chairman of the National film corporation Ashoka Serasingha stated that is South Indian studio facilities as well as films are denied to the island the corporation would need to look into other alternatives.


Meanwhile during a media briefing which was convened in Colombo today by the Sri Lankan Artist’s National Organization, veteran actors Malini Fonseka, Raveendra Randeniya & Geetha Kumaranasinghe invited South Indian actors to visit the island in order to gain a first hand glimpse of the situation in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile an article carried out by the New Indian Express states that Defense Secretary Ghotabhaya Rajapaksa has accused India of fermenting terrorism in Sri Lanka while stating that those demanding accountability on Sri Lanka's part for alleged atrocities committed during the last 100 days of the conflict were silent on the origins of terrorism in Sri Lanka.