Serious injury to Moragahena Police OIC as a result of a suspect's gunshot; suspect killed due to police shooting.

Friday, 12 April 2013 - 8:14


The Moragahagena Police OIC has been seriously wounded due to a shooting by a Horana Moragahahena Government Farm watcher.

The Moragahahena Police said that an argument had taken place last night between a Morgahahena Government Farm Manager and its watcher.

The manager had informed the Moragahahena police that on that occasion the watcher had directed a shot at the sky.

The watcher had shot at the police squad including the Moragahahena police OIC I. P. Hettiarachchi who had come to the site for probing the watcher’s shooting at the sky.

While the shooting had struck the Moragahahena OIC, he had been transferred to the Colombo National Hospital after being admitted to the Horana Base Hospital.

The Moragahahena Police said that the watcher too had been killed in a shooting that the Police had engaged in on this occasion.