Next Indian parliament will be against Sri Lanka - says Vaiko Pakistani News paper alleges India created Terrorism in Sri Lanka

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 - 13:52


The Indian parliament recently refused to pass a resolution similar to that passed by Tamil Nadu against Sri Lanka.


The general election to appoint the next Indian parliament is scheduled to be held next year.


Pro LTTEr Vaiko issued a warning stating that when the new parliament is appointed the stance of the Indian parliament regarding Sri Lanka will change.


However, a Pakistani newspaper today reported that the protests by Tamil Nadu against Sri Lanka had an adverse impact on the entire region.




MDMK general secretary Vaiko said the next Indian parliament will pass a resolution pressing the Sri Lankan government for a referendum.


Talking to the press persons, he said that the Central government could no longer push the Sri Lanka issue to the backburner as it had become a people’s movement.


Vaiko said the present Indian parliament will not do it because its days are numbered but the next parliament will pass the resolution.



Meanwhile, Pakistans the Nation news paper has carried out an analysis regarding Indo Sri lanka relations.


With DMK President M. Karunanidhi’s decision to quit both the Union Cabinet and the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance, the political environment in India has taken another turn.


The anti-Sri Lanka sentiment has grown stronger.


He has argued that continuing in the government and the alliance would do great harm to the Sri Lankan Tamils.


Of late, the Sri Lankans visiting or staying in India have been harassed, assaulted and booed, especially in southern India.


As reported by The Hindu, “a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka was assaulted by three unidentified persons on board the Tamil Nadu Express, just as it arrived at Chennai Central Railway Station.


This is the second such attack in three days, the first being on a monk at the Big Temple in Thanjavur.


Recently, Sri Lankan cricketers participating in the IPL matches were barred from playing in Chennai by the AIDMK-led government of Jayalalitha.


According to Wikipedia, “From August 1983 to May 1987, India, through its intelligence agency, the RAW, provided arms, training and monetary support to six Sri Lankan Tamil militant groups, including LTTE.


During that period, 32 camps were set up all over India to train these militants.


Sri Lanka, however, has developed strong ties with other regional countries like Pakistan, China and Bangladesh, who have supported it in difficult times and continue to do so even after its victory against scourge of terror.