13 traffic fatalities and 8 murders during the past 3 days

Tuesday, 16 April 2013 - 18:49


The police media unit states that 8 murders were reported from the regions of Beliatta, Niwithigala, Ambalangoda, Sri Pura and Piliyandala during the past 3 days.


In addition, police reports state that 13 fatalities have occurred due to vehicle accidents that had taken place in several regions including Matale, Galle, and Lindula.


In addition, approximately 15 were injured due to these accidents.


Meanwhile, 726 individuals were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital as a result of various accidents during the festive season.


Nurse in Charge of Training at the Colombo National Hospital, Pushpa Ramyani De Soyza stated that this number was an increase of approximately 5% from last year.