New electricity fares amendment from April 20TH; UNP prepares to go to courts.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 - 8:07


The Electricity Board has decided to raise the electricity fare with effect from April 20th.

The Electricity Board said that the April electricity bill would be prepared according to the new amended electricity fare.

Public Utilities Commission Chairman Dr. Jayatissa de Costa said, yesterday he signed the document whereby the Public Utilities Commission permits the electricity  bill increase.

According to the new tariff rates permitted by the Public Utility Commission, the charge for 40 units of domestic use will be 384 rupees against its previous bill of 244.25 rupees

The Ceylon Electricity Board charged 3 rupees per unit upto 30 units from domestic consumers earlier and under the new rates, it has been increased upto 5 rupees per unit.

The previous charge upto 60 units 4 rupees 70 cents per unit has now been increased upto 6.00 rupees per unit.                       

The charge upto 90 units which was 7 rupees 50 cents earlier have now been increased upto 8 rupees 50 cents per unit.

The Commission has also recommended charging Rs.34 per unit from 900 units onward.

CEB earlier charged Rs.32 per unit from 301 units to 900

However UNP Deputy General Secretary MP Dr. Jayalath Jayawardhana  said that the party would study whether legal action could be taken against the electricity fare increase  and take action accordingly.