Strike by Kahatagaha mine workers continues; Ministerial level negotiations on.

Thursday, 18 April 2013 - 13:05



A group of workers attached to the Kahatagaha Mine have begun a fast at a shaft which is located some 1000 feet under the ground, making several demands.

It was reported that 45 workers were engaged in the death fast.


They are said to have entered the mine at 7.15 am and have not come out since then.

The workers alleged that the employers have given festival allowances to only a handpicked group and those who have worked for nearly ten years in the mines have not been made permanent.


They are demanding that all workers be paid the festival allowance and for those have worked for a long period of time to be made permanent.

The Chairman and Senior Minister P Dayarathna had visited the site last night.


They had stated that if the officials wanted to resolve the situation, the chairman of the Kahatagaha Graphite Company should enter the mine and discuss with them.


Kahatagaha Graphite Chairman D. Kalansuriya said, the demands made by the workers were unfair and he had also briefed the Labour Commissioner on the situation.


However, a spokesperson for the Industrial Development Ministry stated that a discussion is underway at the Industrial Development Ministry under the patronage of the Ministry Secretary Anura Siriwardena.