Malaxin contaminates well water in Anuradhapura causing kidney & liver infections

Thursday, 18 April 2013 - 18:19



Tests carried out by the National Water Supply & Drainage Board have revealed that well water in the Anuradhapura area contains Malaksin, a chemical compound detrimental to human health which causes kidney & liver disease.


The committee appointed by the NWSDB was tasked with ascertaining the cause of the kidney disease prevalent in the Anuradhapura district.


According to head of the Laboratory Division of the NWSDB H.A.K. Amarakoon, malathion utilized to fumigate mosquito habitats, upon reacting with oxygen creates malaxin, the chemical compound responsible for causing kidney disease.


Tests carried out in the Oya-maduwa & Thanthirimale areas in the Anuradhapura district had initially led experts to arrive at this conclusion.




Moreover head of the NWSDB’s Laboratory Division H.A.K. Amarakoon speaking to our news team noted that malathion which is utilized in fumigation services is detrimental to human health on many levels.