The opposition to Sri lanka in Tamil Nadu is a election strategy; Says a former head of RAW.

Friday, 19 April 2013 - 8:04


A former RAW head says that Tamil Nadu Political parties try to outdo one another in displaying that they offer support for the rights of Sri Lankan Tamils.


Former RAW Research Analyst Jothi Singh who had made a huge impact on the decision on the India’s policy with regard to neighboring countries, said so while participating in a discussion with the Times of India newspaper .


Jothi Singh points out that if these political parties really had the interest of the Sri Lankan Tamils in their hearts, they could have launched such a protest at the time the war ended.


Now a huge propaganda has been launched with the 2014 election in mind.


Former RAW head  othi Singh said that the Sinhala people’s view with regard to India going against Sri Lanka at the Geneva Human Rights Commission could not be denied.


The majority of the Sinhala people except a small minority among the Sinhala people aspire for a close and strong relationship with India.


A political solution to the country’s crisis could be obtained only by creating mutual respect between the Sinhalas and the Tamils.


Jothi Singh said further that such a solution could not be reached by India acting like a big brother to Sri Lanka.