What used to be a Sandle wood plantation appears to be a cocaine cultivation in Matara

Sunday, 21 April 2013 - 7:46


Several cultivations which were thought to be Sandle wood cultivations in Matara have transpired to be Cocaine cultivations.

This was following research carried out by the Agricultural Faculty of the Ruhuna University.

The trees which bare close resemblance to the Sandle wood trees have been cultivated in areas such as Kotapola, Akuressa, Athuraliya, Kamburupitiya and Hakmana.

Lecturer at the Ruhuna University Sarath Kumarasinghe speaking to our news team regarding the research expressed these views.


Meanwhile, Minister of Environment and Agriculture of the Southern Province Vijaya S Weerasinghe stated that if attempts have been taken to promote the cultivation of cocaine the law will be strictly enacted against such individuals.