Australian billionaire shows heightened interest in SL

Monday, 22 April 2013 - 20:04


According to the Australian daily newspaper ‘The Age’, Sydney Harbour development Barangaroo is not the only casino project on James Packer's radar.


The billionaire has notched up three trips to Sri Lanka in the space of six weeks signaling his interest in the country.


According to ‘The Age’ Crowns Investments spokesman has declined to comment about potential investments in Sri Lanka it states that there is no denying Packer's growing interest in the country.


He has visited Sri Lanka three times since late February, discussing investment options with ministers.


It is believed that Packer’s interest in Sri Lanka has been based on drawing in Indian tycoons.


Currently Casinos in India are only permitted in the provinces of Goa & Sikkim.


Crown sources have denied reports from Sri Lanka that the Packer-controlled casino group has already acquired land in Colombo to build a casino resort.