Experts point out how to cut the electricity bill

Tuesday, 23 April 2013 - 13:24


After the new electricity tariffs came to effect on last Saturday, consumers especially household users are seen taking various measure to cut their souring bills by switching off extra bulbs and fans.


However Power and Energy experts say that such small measures would not serve the purpose much.


Director of Power and Energy Management Unit of the Sunitya Power and Energy Authority M.M.R.Pathmasiri pointed out that the use of a refrigerator consumes a large number of units than bulbs and fans.


He said the load of goods put inside a refrigerator should be reduced to cut the amount of electricity units.




He emphasised the consumers should identify first what kind of electrical appliances that burn more unit of power before switching off bulbs.




Meanwhile the UNP is supposed to make a special statement in parliament today.


Chief organiser of the Opposition MP John Amaratunga has this to say.



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