Body of the missing student in Kegalle found in an abandoned house

Wednesday, 24 April 2013 - 13:18


The police states that the death of the child dressed in a school uniform found in an abandoned house in the Kegalle – Nimalgodawatta region could be a result of murder.


The body of the child was discovered last night and it was later determined that the dead child was enrolled in year 2 of the Kegalle – Wala gamba Mixed School.


The child had left for school yesterday morning and after the child had failed to return home the father had lodged a complaint with the Kegalle Police.


The deceased child has been identified as Waham purage Pushpakumara hailing from the Kegalle – Uda karand upana region.


Speaking to our news team, a senior police officer in charge of the region stated that no suspects have been identified as of yet and that several police teams have been deployed in connection with the case.