Deputy chairman of Buttala pradeshiya sabha assaulted by police; Vehicle of deputy chairman in Wattala shot at

Thursday, 25 April 2013 - 19:10


The two police officers of the Okkampitiya Police Station who allegedly assaulted the deputy chairman of Buttala Pradeshiya Sabha were transferred immediately to the Buttala Police Station.


Buttala Pradeshiya Sabha Deputy Chairman Sisil Nanayakkara said he and his pillion rider were stopped by the two policemen at Okkampitiya yesterday night.


Later a heated argument took place between the two parties and the police officers allegedly assaulted the latter.


The Deputy Chairman who sustained injuries to his head was admitted to Okkampitiya hospital and later he was transferred to Moneragala Sirigala hospital.




However the Police Media Spokesman’s Office stated that a group of unknown persons assaulted the two officers on night patrol at Okkampitiya area, and they have identified that Buttala Pradeshiya Sabha Deputy Chairman was also in the group at the time of the assault.


Meanwhile, two unidentified gunmen rode in a three wheeler and shot at the vehicle of Deputy Chairman of the Wattala Pradeshiya Sabha Thahir Rizan today noon.


However the Deputy Chairman Thahir Rizan was not hurt in the shooting.