4th day of the fast-unto death campaign by residents of the Mahaweli-Walawa

Friday, 26 April 2013 - 13:40


Today marks the 4th day of the fast-unto death campaign launched by the residents of the Mahaweli-Walawa project who demand that lands acquired from them be handed over to their legitimate proprietors.


One of the activists engaging in the protest was admitted to hospital this morning due to his condition.


The demonstrators have staged their protest before the National school in the Ambilipitiya, New Town area.


Those engaged in the protest charge that lands handed over to them in 1982 were re-acquired by the government in 1993 subsequent to the decommissioning of the River Valleys Development Board in 1993, the institution under which these individuals were originally made to settle in the Ambilipitiya area.


However during the Rathnapura District Progress Review meeting which was held last October President Mahinda Rajapaksa had instructed officials to hand over these lands to their rightful owners.


Protesters charge that despite the president’s instructions no constructive measures have been adopted.