Triple murder in Karandeniya; bodies of mother, son & daughter discovered.

Sunday, 28 April 2013 - 19:14


Police discovered the corpses of a woman & two children who were mysteriously murdered at a house in Kotawela-Karandeniya, Galle today, based on a lead offered by area residents.


Accordingly police have now ascertained that the corpses belong to members of the same family, a mother son & daughter.


Police suspect that the murders may have been carried out several days back as the bodies had decomposed considerably, hindering identification.


Area residents who had come to notice a strong odor had subsequently notified police.


The woman is said to be 41 years of age while her son is believed to be 9 years of age & her daughter 7 years.


According to police the husband of the female victim is currently serving time in prison convicted of murder chargers while 3 police teams have been deployed to investigate the crime.