No blindfolded promises on May day- UNP tells government

Monday, 29 April 2013 - 19:12




The debate over the electricity tariff hike is still not faded away and members of several political parties expressed their views on tariff hikes during several media briefings in Colombo today.


UNP today charged the government that it is trying to announce an electricity price cut which would be a trick to please working class on May Day.


UNP Media spokesman MP Gayantha Karunatilaka has this to say:




Addressing another press conference held in Colombo, Frontline Social Party Propaganda Secretary Pubudu Jayagoda urged the consumers not to pay the new electricity tariffs and press the government to reduce the bill.


Meanwhile the members of the Matara Pradeshiya Sabha passed a resolution against the electricity tariff hike by 7 majority votes.


8 members of the UNP and JVP voted for the resolution which was brought in by Opposition Leader Lionel Kodikara while 1 UPFA member voted against. The stay-away from voting by 6 UPFA members was noted during the voting.


UFPA member Kumudu Devaraj who stayed away from voting has this to say about his decision.