95% of the landmines in the North and East removed.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013 - 8:48


The Economic Development Ministry says that 95 per cent of the landmines in the North and East have been removed.

The Ministry points out that by now the National De-mining Centre is successfully de-mining the North and East.

The Army Engineering Task Force too is taking part in de-mining the 96 square Kilometers that still remains to be de-mined.

Although the Government wanted to resettle the people after the end of the war, the existence of landmines in certain areas in the North and East was an obstacle for resettlement.

However the Government is in the process of successfully completing the task of de-mining.

It is said that Australia, Japan, China, India as well as organizations including the UN have provided assistance to the Government in the task of de-mining.