Electricity crisis as a result of stoppage of fuel supply.

Tuesday, 07 May 2013 - 8:10


The Power and Energy Ministry says that a crisis in Electricity generation has cropped up as a result of  non - supply of fuel by the Petroleum corporation to the Electricity Board for several days.

A senior Power and Energy Ministry spokesman said that the lack of fuel had impeded electricity generation at the Kerawalapitiya and Kelanithissa Power Plants.

The spokesman also said that hydro power production had been obstructed due to the Mahaweli Ministry refusing to permit the out-flow of water from the reservoirs close to the Power Plants.

The Ministry spokesman said further that as a result of this the insufficiency of the total electricity production would impede electricity supply.

Although we tried several times to contact the CEB chairman and the Petroleum resources Minister, our attempts turned futile.