Public Utilities Commission approves President' relief on electricity bill

Thursday, 09 May 2013 - 18:58



Power and Energy Ministry said that the CEB received approval to its new electricity tariffs today.


Ministry Secretary M.M.C.Ferdinado told our news team that the increased tariff to the bills upto 60 units have been reverted to the previous position.


President of the Public Utilities Commission President Counsel Jayatissa de Costa said that the relief to the electricity bill is given as it was announced by the President on May Day.


According to the CEB new proposals, 3 rupees will be charged per unit from unit 0 to unit 30 as it was charged before the tariff revision.


 The previous fee of 4 rupees and 70 cents will be charged from unit 31 to 60.


The CEB stated that the electricity bill of a 30 unit user will be 142 rupees and 50 cents while the bill of a 60 unit user amounts to 412 rupees and 50 cents.


However a 60 unit user’s bill before the tariff revision was 371 rupees and 85 cents.

The reason for the difference is that such consumer bills are charged 4 rupees and 70 cents per unit.