Mother in Vavuniya jumps into well with her three daughters; all three children dead

Friday, 17 May 2013 - 13:11


Three girls in Thandikulam, Vavuniya today met their fate when their mother had jumped into a well in their garden attempting to commit suicide.

According to our correspondent the mother had been rescued by area residents.

However the three girls aged five and a half years, two and a half years & one & a half years respectively had succumbed to their injuries.

Police suspect that the mother of the children might have been suffering from a psychological condition.

Meanwhile a decomposed body of a 73-year-old woman was found in a house at Mattala, Pitigala yesterday.

Police said the victim had lived with her 34-year-old daughter in the house, and the daughter has gone missing.

Police found the body after the neighbours informed the police of an odour emanating from this house