4 policemen who were assaulted at two different incidents yesterday.

Monday, 27 May 2013 - 13:14



Four policemen who were assaulted at two different incidents were admitted to hospital last night.


Two of the victims were personal security guards of Kilinochchi district SLFP organizer Geethanjalee Naguleshwaran.


One of the security men was discharged while the other person is still receiving treatment at Vavuniya hospital.


Naguleshwaran said a group of people arrived by motor bicycles and assaulted her security guards who went to an eatery in Vaira-puliyankulam area for dinner last night.




A UPFA member of the Bulathsinhala Pradeshiya Sabha and two of his accomplices have assaulted 2 policemen attached to the Bulathsinhala Police last night.


Police Media Spokesman’s Office stated the two constables who received injuries while trying to settle a dispute at Nillakanda Kovil in Bulathsinhala were admitted to hospital.


The two constables were deployed to the area after a telephone call to the Police Emergency Unit asking help to settle the dispute.


Meanwhile police have arrested one suspect in connection with the incident. Police says the suspected Pradeshiya Sabha member and his accomplice have fled the area after the assault incident.