Funeral of self immolated monk at Poranuwa Public Grounds tomorrow

Monday, 27 May 2013 - 19:24


The treasurer of the board of caretakers of Sri Sugata Veharaya in Poranuwa Jagath Ananda said that the funeral of self immolated monk venerable Bowatte Indraratana Thera will be held at Poranuwa Public Grounds tomorrow at 3pm.




He said police had taken a court order from the Maligakanda Magistrate to hand over the body of the deceased monk to the incumbent of the Sri Sugatarama Viharaya Venerable Pelmadulle Vajirag-yana Thera and hold the funeral at the Public Grounds of Poranuwa.


Our area correspondent stated that a large number of people are visiting the Sri Sugatarama Viharaya to pay their last respects to the remains of the late monk.


All meat stalls and taverns of the Kahawatte town are kept closed today and the town was decorated with yellow flags to mourn the death of the late monk.


Our correspondent Lasantha Niroshana said that police security was beefed up in Kahawatte town as well as the surroundings of the Sri Sugatarama temple.


The Sinhala Rawaya Organization however states that it opposes cremation of Venerable Bowaththe Indarathana Thero which has been scheduled to be held in Kahawaththa tomorrow.


Member of the Sinhala Rawaya Organisation Thilina Rathnayeke speaking to our news team stated that senior members of the organization had paid their respects to the body of the late thero today.


Meanwhile the Bodhu Bala Sena and the Sinhala Rawaya Organizations engaged in a ‘Adhishtana pooja’ before the Sacred Temple of the Tooth today.


A ‘mathaka wasthra’ pooja was held subsequently.

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